Top 10 Best Law Of Assumption Books

Are you looking to transform your life and manifest your dreams? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled the top 10 best Law of Assumption books to guide you on your journey to creating your desired life.

From Neville Goddard’s timeless classics like ‘Feeling Is The Secret’ and ‘The Power of Awareness,’ to Ryo Nishimura’s insightful ‘Law of Assumption: The Secret Ingredient to Creating the Life of Your Dreams,’ these books are packed with powerful techniques and practical wisdom.

Get ready to unlock your true potential and manifest your best life!

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Feeling Is The Secret” by Neville Goddard

You’ll love ‘Feeling Is The Secret’ by Neville Goddard (available here) because it reveals the power of your emotions in creating the life you desire.

This book provides valuable insights into manifestation techniques, the power of belief, and applying the law of assumption in daily life.

This book teaches you how to overcome limiting beliefs that may hold you back from achieving your dreams. Neville Goddard stresses the importance of feeling as if your desires have already been fulfilled, creating a powerful state of assumption.

By understanding and practicing these principles, you can transform your reality and create your dream life through assumption.

This book is highly recommended for anyone seeking to harness their emotions and manifest their deepest desires with purpose and intention.

The Power of Awareness” by Neville Goddard

In ‘The Power of Awareness’ by Neville Goddard (available here), readers are introduced to the concept of oneself and its influence on the world. This book delves into the power of exploring consciousness and how it can be harnessed to manifest desires. Through vivid examples and insightful explanations, Goddard emphasizes the importance of imagining possibilities and shifting perceptions to transform one’s reality.

The author explores the concept of emotional manifestation, highlighting how intense emotional states play a crucial role in bringing desires to fruition. By understanding and applying these principles, readers deeply understand their creative potential and learn practical techniques for manifesting their desires.

‘The Power of Awareness’ is a transformative guide that empowers individuals to take control of their lives through conscious imagination and intentional focus.

  • Explore your consciousness: Gain deeper insights into your inner self.
  • Manifest your desires: Learn techniques to bring your dreams into reality.
  • Imagine endless possibilities: Unlock your creative potential through imaginative thinking.

Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader” by Neville Goddard

‘The Complete Reader’ by Neville Goddard (available here) offers a comprehensive collection of Neville Goddard’s works. It provides readers with a deep understanding of his teachings and principles. Neville Goddard was a renowned teacher and author known for his unique perspective on manifestation and the power of assumption.

His teachings emphasize the impact of assumption in creating our reality and achieving our desires. In this book, readers have the opportunity to explore various manifestation techniques presented by Goddard. This allows them to tap into their creative power.

With clear explanations and practical examples, Goddard guides readers through applying the law of assumption in daily life. By studying ‘The Complete Reader,’ individuals can gain insights that will empower them to manifest their dreams. They can live fulfilling lives based on their desires and intentions.

Law of Assumption: The Secret Ingredient to Creating the Life of Your Dreams (Manifesting Your Best Life)” by Ryo Nishimura

If you want to manifest your best life, ‘Law of Assumption: The Secret Ingredient to Creating the Life of Your Dreams’ by Ryo Nishimura (available here) is a must-read. This book dives deep into the Law of Assumption and provides practical exercises to help you apply this powerful law.

Here are three empowering techniques discussed in the book:

  • Creating Belief: The author emphasizes consistently cultivating and affirming strong beliefs. By shifting your mindset and truly believing in your desires, you can manifest them more effectively.
  • Practical Exercises: Nishimura offers a range of exercises you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. These exercises strengthen your manifestation skills and align your thoughts with your desires.
  • Applying the Law: The book provides step-by-step guidance on how to apply the Law of Assumption in various areas of your life, such as relationships, careers, and health. It helps you understand how assumptions shape your reality and teaches you how to make conscious assumptions that support your desired outcomes.

Simply Manifesting: The Law of Assumption Easily Explained” by Katrine Hütterer and Yvonne Kalb

You’ll understand Neville Goddard’s teachings by reading ‘Simply Manifesting: The Law of Assumption Easily Explained’ by Katrine Hütterer and Yvonne Kalb (available here). This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to explore assumption techniques, simplify the manifestation process, and truly understand the law of assumption.

With their insightful explanations and practical examples, Hütterer and Kalb break down complex concepts into easily digestible information. They provide step-by-step guidance on applying Neville Goddard’s teachings in your life, allowing you to master the law of assumption effectively.

To give you a taste of what this book offers, here is a table summarizing some key aspects discussed:

Assumption TechniquesSimplifying Manifestation Process
Mental RehearsalFocusing on End Result
RevisionLetting Go of Doubt
The Power of ImaginationLiving from the End

The Law and The Promise” by Neville Goddard

‘Simply Manifesting’ by Katrine Hütterer and Yvonne Kalb (available here) provides valuable insights into Neville Goddard’s teachings, allowing readers to apply the law of assumption in their lives easily.

Now, let’s dive deeper and analyze ‘The Law and The Promise’ by Neville Goddard. This book is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering profound wisdom on manifestation techniques, personal transformation, and mind power.

Firstly, ‘The Law and The Promise’ delves into the principles of the law of assumption, providing practical guidance on harnessing its power for creating your desired reality. It offers step-by-step instructions that can help you manifest your dreams with ease.

Secondly, this book explores the concept of personal transformation through self-belief and manifestation. It highlights the importance of cultivating a strong belief in oneself and using it to drive success.

Lastly, ‘The Law and The Promise’ emphasizes the limitless potential of our minds and teaches us how to tap into this power to create miracles in our lives.

At Your Command” by Neville Goddard

‘At Your Command’ by Neville Goddard (available here) offers powerful insights into the creative power of our thoughts and beliefs. It guides readers on how to manifest their desires and transform their lives.

This book delves deep into Neville Goddard’s teachings. It provides practical techniques for utilizing the law of assumption to achieve spiritual growth and personal transformation.

‘At Your Command’ emphasizes the importance of understanding life beyond its physical aspects. It urges readers to embrace their true identity and potential.

However, the book is not without criticism regarding its interpretations. Some argue that it distorts scripture and denies the personification of God through its teachings.

Despite this criticism, ‘At Your Command’ remains a valuable resource for those seeking to harness the power of their assumptions. It can help them manifest their desires and lead a more fulfilling life.

Your Faith is Your Fortune” by Neville Goddard

‘Your Faith is Your Fortune’ by Neville Goddard (available here) explores the concept of inner transformation through biblical stories, emphasizing the idea of oneness and the power of consciousness in creating reality.

In this book, Goddard provides interpretation techniques for understanding biblical symbolism from the perspective of the mind’s inner workings. He argues that these stories have no historical value but are tools for personal growth and change.

One can tap into their creative power and manifest their desires by delving into the depths of consciousness. Through personal experiences and impact, Goddard’s work has changed lives, becoming a source of energy and reason to continue living.

This slim yet profound book offers insights into the science of mind and serves as a road map for living life with intentionality.

Out of this World” by Neville Goddard

‘Out of this World’ by Neville Goddard (available here) delves into the concept of imagination and its role in manifesting desires in the physical realm. With a focus on spirituality and manifestation, Goddard emphasizes that the power to create lies within us in a realm beyond what we can see. He provides practical guidance for harnessing this power and manifesting our desires.

Eddie Coronado, renowned author of ‘Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets,’ highly recommends this book as part of his permanent collection.

Goddard’s teachings center around the belief that imagination is not just a whimsical fantasy but a powerful force that shapes our reality. We can bring our thoughts and feelings into existence by aligning our thoughts and feelings with the desired outcome. His clear explanations and examples make understanding how to implement these principles easy.

In ‘Out of this World,’ Goddard encourages readers to assume the feeling of already having what they desire, thereby attracting it into their lives. This approach requires faith and persistence but promises great rewards. He guides individuals toward unlocking their creative potential through meditation techniques and spiritual assumptions.

Eddie Coronado’s recommendation further attests to the effectiveness and profound insights offered by ‘Out of this World.’ Neville Goddard’s teachings are invaluable for anyone seeking practical guidance on using their imagination to manifest desires.

Five Lessons: A Masterclass” by Neville Goddard

After exploring Neville Goddard’s book “Out of this World,” (available here), it’s time to dive into another masterpiece by the author. “Five Lessons: A Masterclass” is a book that delves deeper into Neville’s teachings, providing readers with masterclass techniques for manifesting power and unlocking their true potential.

In this book, Neville emphasizes the importance of assumption in action. He guides you through practical exercises and examples to help you understand how your assumptions shape your reality. By applying his teachings, you will learn to harness the power of your imagination and create the life you desire.

To give you a glimpse of what awaits in “Five Lessons: A Masterclass,” here is a table showcasing some key topics covered in the book:

The Power of ImaginationUnleashing the creative force within
Consciousness Creates RealityUnderstanding how your thoughts shape your world
Living from the EndVisualizing desired outcomes as if they are already achieved
The Law of AssumptionEmbracing beliefs that align with your desires
Transforming Limiting BeliefsOvercoming obstacles by reprogramming your mindset

Through “Five Lessons: A Masterclass,” Neville Goddard provides a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to tap into their manifesting power and unlock their true potential. Get ready to embrace these transformative teachings and create the life of your dreams.


In conclusion, the Law of Assumption is a powerful concept that can transform your life and help you manifest your desires. You can create the reality you desire by understanding and applying this law, as outlined in the top 10 best law of assumption books mentioned above.

For example, let’s consider a hypothetical case study of Sarah, who consistently visualized herself excelling in her career and receiving promotions. Through consistent belief and assumption, she was able to attract opportunities and eventually achieve her goals. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the Law of Assumption when applied with faith and conviction.

So start exploring these recommended books to deepen your understanding of this transformative law and unlock your true potential.

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